Oriana grew into a beautiful young woman, with dark auburn hair, a creamy complexion, and deep blue eyes like brilliant sapphires.


Oriana was raised by a kindly city guard named Chanbeck who found her at the age of 2, abandoned in an alley. Himself an orphan, Chanbeck had few fond memories of his childhood, so rather than turn the child over to an orphanage he elected to raise her as his own child. He did some research into her history and learned she’d been abandoned by her mother, who still lived in Korvosa and worked as a tavern wench and part-time whore in Old Korvosa. Upon learning this, Chanbeck vowed to protect Oriana from her mother-a woman he felt didn’t deserve a treasure like a daughter. Growing up, little Oriana had many aunts and uncles-each and every guard who called that barracks home treated her like a beloved niece or adored mascot, bringing her treats and telling her fanciful stories. She was the apple of Chanbeck’s eye, and he doted on her, dres sing her in fine dresses and vowing to make of her “a lady like her mother.” Oriana was 12 when Chan beck was killed while attempting to break up a tavern brawl. Devastated, she prevailed upon her “aunts and uncles” to tell the truth about her mother. Finally, they relented and the child sought her out.

The years had not been kind to Oriana’s mother, who had grown increasingly severe and bitter. When Oriana presented herself, her drunken mother callously turned the girl away. “You aren’t mine!” she shouted with revulsion. " Some drunken slattern birthed you!" Devastated, Oriana returned to the barracks in tears and burned all the fine clothes her father had given her. She then donned the smallest chainmail shirt she could find, picked up a sword, and began swinging it about with fury, making a vow to forget her mother-she would be a soldier, like her father. Within 6 months, many guards sported bruises and black eyes from sparring with wooden swords, as Oriana proved to be a natural.


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