Halfling cleric tinkerer with a knack for artifice and mischeif


Race: Halfling Male
Class: Cleric
Domains: Artifice and Trickery
Age: 42
Height: 2’8’’
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: green


Metro, (as he is referred to as now) was born into a well known family of artificers who built all manner of wondrous devices for the lands rich and powerful. One of the families many claims to fame was the immensely powerful and dangerous golems. The family workshop was commissioned to build their biggest golem to date when the unthinkable happened. The mage was not prepared to handle the raw power of the golem and it went rampart. It started attacking all in sight. Then the magical core went critical and it self-destructed. The town guard started sorting through the rubble for survivors to no avail. It was later that night when a group of thieves and plunderers started looting for valuables that one goodhearted thief found the young halfling and started to raise it as his own.

Too young to remember his birth parents and foggy memories of that eventful night, young Metro quickly became a valuable member to the roaming gang of thieves. When his illusions weren’t aimed at the family they made great distractions for pick-pocketing. He never liked stealing that much it was more out of necessity. But tinkering was in his blood. When not about playing tricks on the populace he would be focused putting together contraptions and automatons which garnered the nickname “Metronome”. Being a halfling he was at first insulted by the “gnome” aspect but the name stuck.

Life was good for Metro but there was always something missing. He wanted to know more about his past and why he only felt right when he was toiling away on some invention.

The thieves became more brazen now with the help of the Metros inventions and trickery. No longer satisfied with pick-pocketing they started targeting caravans and mansions. It was during one of these escapades that Metros past seemed to catch up to him. The family planned to hit a very successful merchant. The only problem was that this merchant recently purchased a golem from the college to protect his estate. When Metro locked eyes with the golem he froze under the guise of his illusion. The golem, unaffected by the illusions, seized the thief until guards arrived.

After a stint in prison for his extensive thefts he no longer knew where the roaming gang was neither did he care. He wanted nothing to do with that life anymore. Seeking guidance he found himself in a religious colony. He never believed in deities his magic just came to him naturally while focused on his work. The clerics of the colony still worked with Metro teaching him their ways, even though he did not share their faiths having a place to get back to work suited him. During his stay he learned more of the college that takes in promising artificers and builds golems. Thinking back to his last encounter with a golem he decides to set out to gain entry to this college hoping to find answers to his past.


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