Koriah Azmeren


Koriah Azmeren is a lean and muscular half-elven woman with red hair, blue eyes , and a pale complexion that tends to get more sunburned than bronzed. While she’s attractive, her personality tends to make social situations complex, for she is confident in her abilities to the point that someone could rightly call her egotistical. In fact, Koriah has always felt awkward around other people, never quite fitting in with humans, elves, or any large groups , and as a defense mechanism she’s cultivated an acerbic wit in addition to an overconfident reliance on her own skills .


Koriah’s childhood was spent entirely at Windsong Abbey, and while her father doted on her, the death of her mother left him quite overprotective of the young half-elf. She wasn’t allowed to play with other children, and was only very rarely allowed outside of the abbey walls. Koriah compensated for this by becoming a voracious reader, particularly of the nearly complete collection of Pathfinder Chronicles kept at the abbey (a collection that’s now destroyed, sadly). Tales of Durvin Gest, Escobar Vellian, and other heroes filled

Koriah’s mind with a longing not only to see these exotic locations and experience these hair-raising adventures , but also, one day, to immortalize herself in print as well. When she came of age, Koriah left Windsong and traveled to Absalom to join the Pathfinder Society. She impressed her venture-captain with her tenacity and skill on missions, but even more so with her gift at writing, an unanticipated boon granted her by a childhood spent reading everything she could lay her hands on.

As she gained prestige in the society, however, Koriah increasingly found that she clashed with other agents she was grouped with, and she developed something of a reputation as being a snob, a busybody, and an egotistical shrew. Fewer and fewer Pathfinders wanted to work with her-and jealousy over her skill at writing certainly didn’t help. Rather than admit to herself that she could, perhaps, be a bit more open and welcoming of others’ advice or be a little more empathetic toward her companions, Koriah increasingly sought solo assignments. And through luck and skill, she excelled.

But it was her multi-year solo expedition into the Darklands that would become Koriah’s crowning glory. For various reasons, this dangerous frontier had been ill-explored by the Pathfinder Society, and Koriah had noticed. She volunteered for the expedition and convinced her venture-captain to approve the risky endeavour, and after several years spent exploring and mapping the Darklands below central Avistan (including several months in disguise in the drow city of Zirnakaynin, an exhaustive exploration of the Long Walk of Nar-Voth, and even a few necessarily short but very informative descents to Orv), she emerged with enough notes to fill an entire volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles. Volume 44 was published, but it immediately became embroiled in scandal because of its revelations regarding the existence of the drow. The Winter Council of Kyonin spent a large amount of money trying to bribe the Society to suppress the volume. The Society refused the bribes, and Koriah’s words were the first about the drow and many other underground horrors to reach the public eye-that many regarded this particular volume as more fiction than fact initially annoyed her, but today the volume is regarded as one of the more important among the recent entries in the Pathfinder Chronicles.

Koriah Azmeren

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