MAPKaerMaga.jpgStanding atop one of the highest spots of the Storval Rise, the cliff-top city of Kaer Maga (pronounced kare MAH-gah) is built inside the ruins of an ancient fortress: a six-sided ring of 80-foot-high seamless stone, stretching more than a half mile in diameter and topped with towers of every shape and design. Also known as the Asylum Stone, Kaer Maga has served as a refuge for exiles, misfits, and ne’er-do-wells fleeing persecution and prosecution for thousands of years, and is known throughout Golarion as a place where anyone can fit in, and where anything can be bought and sold.


Kaer Maga is not a normal city. Instead of an official government, the City of Strangers is ruled by an anarcho-capitalist morass of competing gangs and factions, each of them pursuing its own concerns but determined not to let any particular sect gain total power. It’s a chaotic system, yet one that’s worked for thousands of years, and helps perpetuate the city’s reputation as a place where society’s outliers and undesirables can go to lose themselves or start again.

Leader: Merriman Ardoc (LN male human wizard 9)
Headquarters: The Kiln in Bis
Turf: Bis
Focus: Construct crafting, district administration, protection rackets

Leader: Luga Farseer (N female troll bard 6)
Headquarters: The Augur Temple in Down market
Turf: Entire city ( primarily central Core districts)
Focus: Information brokering and prophecy.

Leader: Warden Rogard Hammerfell (LG male dwarf ranger n)
Headquarters: Duskwarden Guildhouse in Bis
Turf: Entire city ( primarily the Undercity)

Arcanists’ Circle
Brothers of the Seal
Commerce League
Council of Truth
Iridian Fold
Tallow Boys

Focus: City defense and subterranean exploration


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